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About Us

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We believe that children thrive in an environment where their own interests are valued, encouraged and celebrated.

Our caring and experienced team aims to expand on the opportunities and experiences that each child has, whilst providing a secure and supportive environment where they can grow emotionally, socially and creatively.

St Mary's Preschool Committee

St Mary’s Church has overall responsibility for all aspects of running the setting. The day to day running of St Mary’s Preschool is delegated to the manager and their management team. 


The committee has overall responsibility for: 

  • Safeguarding children 

  • Financial management 

  • Staff recruitment 

  • Liaising with Ofsted 

  • Policies and procedures 

The committee and management team meet regularly to discuss the running of the preschool  


Rev Peter Ackroyd (Nominated Person)

Pauline Kendall (Committee Member)

Nina Rodrigues (Committee Member)

Charles Ashbrook (Committee Member)


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